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1 November, 2013

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Free - With optional In-App Purchases
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Backgammon Extreme™ by TrophySoft is the BEST Backgammon game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices

Backgammon Extreme™ is offered in two versions - a Free version and a Full version which offers enhanced features. The Free version can be upgraded in-App to some or all the features of the Full version.


  • Compete against the highly-intelligent, enhanced 3-level computer gameplay
  • Share your device to play with a friend
  • Find a matching opponent through Game Center
  • Invite your Game Center friends to play with you
  • Play locally with a friend using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Choose between 3 dice types, including "True Random" and manual
  • Take advantage of the unlimited Undo feature
  • Select standard or reverse board and players layout
  • Play single games or multi-point matches
  • View Player scores and game statistics
  • Enjoy superb graphics and sound
  • Choose among multiple, professional board layouts
  • Design your own custom board
  • Use Touch or Drag movement
  • Enjoy realistic dice animation
  • Set the volume of sound effects and background music
  • Define your preferred animation speed
  • Take advantage of simple yet powerful control and navigation
  • Use full on-device Help
  • Enjoy optimized layout for small (iPhone / iPod touch) and large (iPad) screens
  • Set the volume of sound effects and background music
  • Hold a voice chat with your Game Center Opponent
  • Upload your scores to Game Center
  • Play REALLY well and make it to the weekly and all-time Halls of Fame
  • Share your experience on Facebook and Twitter
  • (Some features are available in the full version or using In-App Purchase)


Backgammon Extreme Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)

download logo files as .zip (447KB)

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About TrophySoft

TrophySoft is the home for a team of highly talented and creative software professionals. We specialize in advanced software solution for the Mobile and Web environments.

We use the latest software technologies to ensure perfect results and fast delivery, but we still believe in hand-crafted graphical and architectural design that meets the unique requirements of each project.

Our offshore design and development groups let us offer highly competitive prices at the highest possible quality.

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