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1 April, 2012

Apple App Store - Free Version
Apple App Store - Full Version


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Free - Can be upgraded to full version
Full - USD $4.99


TrophySoft today is pleased to introduce iPIM™ - the all-in-one Personal/Business Information Manager and sophisticated database for iOS devices, offering a unique and innovative way to store personal and business data.

iPIM™ is offered in two versions - a Free version and a Full version which offers enhanced features. The Free version can be upgraded in-App to the Full version without losing any data.

The iPIM™ user interface is currently available in English and Hebrew (user data can be entered in any language).

iPIM™ is the ONLY organizer, personal / business information manager and database you'll ever need.


  • Use secure built-in templates to store emergency data, memos and reminders, photos, videos, sound recordings, scribbles, checklist, to-do lists, passwords, credit card and bank account information, shopping lists, inventory lists, expenses and more.
  • Create your own custom templates to match your personal or business needs and store them in iPIM™'s database, using 20+ rich data types.
  • Organize your data in built-in or custom folders and subfolders for easy access.
  • Synchronize your data via iCloud to all your iOS devices.
  • Access your data quickly using iPIM™'s unique time-saving user interface.
  • Set up time and location reminders for any data item, including repeated reminders.
  • Search your data quickly using simple or complex search terms, and save your searches for later use.
  • Print your data on any supported printer.
  • Share your data via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Protect your data using iPIM™'s built-in encryption and application or folder passwords.
  • Use a single universal application for all your iPhone®s, iPad®s and iPod touch®es.
  • Never buy another information manager iPIM™ caters for all your personal or business data needs in a single, powerful solution.
  • (Some features are available in the full version and on supported devices only).


iPIM Trailer YouTube


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